transgirlaiichiro asked: i'm not too impressed with matt and jeremy so far. first matt makes a #rape joke in the newest let's build, and then in this week's imaginary achievements (#racism tw #antiblackness tw) jeremy sees a group of jynx (the pokemon) and calls them "nicki minajs". i don't really know what i expected, honestly

I haven’t seen anything with them in yet tbh, because I’m super far behind. I’m kind of on a break from them atm since I’m super busy and feeling a bit meh about them at the moment (RT as a whole I mean). I feel like they were doing better and now they’re backsliding and that’s very discouraging. I take breaks every now and again when I get too irritated bc I do watch the videos to enjoy them and I don’t want to sit there being annoyed through the whole thing, but I hate the fact that I have to have the mental energy to watch something rather than just using them to relax.

I wish I could say I was surprised that they have turned out to be less than stellar, but I’m not.

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    what the hell? that jynx joke is so inappropriate and disgusting that it blows my mind. im glad i gave up on them...
  2. amyradical said: They don’t seem to be better or worse than the other guys. They’re on the same wavelength, it’s not very surprising.
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