Anonymous asked: Hawai'i Anon here! Reverse racism. Nope. I am white, and I live in an area where just about everyone I know is white mixed with something, Asian, or Pacific Islander. I was the rare all white kid. Yes, there is a term over here "haole". It doesn't mean white, but the use it for white people. Sometimes in a positive way, and sometimes in a mean-spirited way lik the joke "kill hoale day". No. No one kills any white people for being white. I never said it was a good joke. Anyway, i know plenty 1/2

of Asian, or Pacific Islander grandparents, or even parents that would most definitely not want their kid marrying a white person. Here’s the thing though, if they do anyway, like my husband (he’s Filipino), the parents get over it. Look, i 100% understand PoC not really liking white people. We have a terrible track record. But no one screams slurs at me, no one calls me any names that don’t sound sad. Cracker, Honky, hoale, white girl? Really? Even our slurs are nicer than eveyone else’s!

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