Not a good couple of weeks for gaming. After his previous transphobic tweets, Mike Krahulik (Gabe from Penny Arcade) confirms that he is, in fact, a transphobic piece of shit.

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    I was linked to it and didn’t pay attention to dates, sorry. But now that we have a dialogue… /o/ I don’t think it’s...
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    nigga this is like a year old why you bothering me To equate gender with genitals, when 99.99999999% of the worlds...
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    If Andrew Hussie pulled this shit… I’d be so fuckin disappoint. Glad I don’t read Penny Arcade. Even though he...
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    Okay let me put it this way then. Saying that he’s thinking “ALL WOMEN have a vagina” is transphobic and rude, because...
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    was there really a tumblr battle going on here WHILE THE REAL PROBLEM IS IN THE PICTURE what is going on
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    I’m super calm. You’re spitting rage and insults in all directions. I’m just here to enjoy the fireworks.
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    female* but the whole trans argument is that gender is determined by mindset, not actual sexual organs. I thought it was...
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    …. Something with a vagina IS a woman in the biological sense.
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    Ah, another entitled cis person feels the need to air their views about what is and what isn’t transphobic. Tell me, in...
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    Would be great if people actually researched their quotes before going all “I AM JUSTICE” on people :/...
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    I…don’t understand? What his problem is? Like, cis/trans seems like a really fucking simple and decidedly non-offensive...
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    Penny Arcade has been shitty unfunny misogynist trash for a long time so I am not surprised
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