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Anonymous asked: I'm glad I looked to your blog before I watched worms :D. I think its me but I feel like they're most offensive in the worms let's play?

I think they’ve had worse. And they have some really great moments in the worms let’s plays (moments that aren’t oppressive or problematic). Unfortunately, they tend to name their worms problematic things, which sucks.


yourfavouritekittenboy asked: Re: repetitiveness - I've always seen AH as being like the ultimate gamer group; the oblivious one (Gavin) the angry one (Michael) the one who's really good (Ray) the one who asks ridiculous questions (Geoff) the one who is good but tends to get distracted (Jack) the quiet one who turns out to be p damn evil (Ryan) the badass lady (Lindsay) the one everyone likes to pick on (Caleb) and the one who makes rare appearances (Kerry). I don't find it repetitive, it's just their roles :)




what in the actual fuck time


"a character himself among crazy, colorful characters" ………………………….

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Anonymous asked: Thanks for explaining! I know the racism behind the term mongoloid, but I didn't know about the shortening. A bit more disappointed than usual about the whole thing :/

No problem. It’s something that Gavin tends to use a lot, though his use of it has died down a bit lately from my observations. Still, it is disappointing, yeah. 8/


Anonymous asked: I liked Ray's comment implying that if your sense of humor isn't offensive, then it's gotta be generic... Mostly because "edgy" offensive humor is probably the MOST generic type of humor ever. Anyone can make an offensive joke to grab a cheap laugh.

Yeah, that’s the thing I don’t get like. If the only humour you can think up is oppressive in some way then you have a problem? I don’t care if humour is offensive tho (swearing is fine, whatever), I care about oppressive humour and there is a difference lol.


Anonymous asked: Hi! I was just wondering what "M*ngwompers" is, and how it's ableist?? Sometimes I'm completely oblivious to slang/slurs and this one is going over my head.

It’s actually both ableist and racist. M*ng is short for ‘mongoloid’, and it’s used to insult ppl with down’s syndrome due to the fact that people with down’s syndrome have some phenotypic traits in common with (primarily) Asian people.


Anonymous asked: I don't think they call you out specifically (I do have another ten minutes left though) in the worms LP, but Geoff names his worms "Generic", "Not Offensive", "Third Worm", and "Other Worm". Ray goes off a bit on it when they all see the names, but other then that it's just dumb comments spread throughout the video. It's pretty early in the video, the first five minutes.

I heard that part, but anon made it sound like this blog was mentioned specifically. Seems like it’s way more general than that! Thank you!


avrel-the-teller asked: TW for today's Worms let's play, Gavin names his team "The M*ngwompers," so this might be one to skip for anyone triggered by that word.

Thank you! TW for ableism in Let’s Play Worms Revolution: Episode 6.


Anonymous asked: You got called out in the worms lets play. Judging by tone the guys don't like you, but are begrudgingly trying not to offend you.

Oh, really? Does anyone have a timestamp?