"guess we cant have different opinions on tumblr"

nah son. an opinion is like “orange juice is nasty” or “fall out boy is overrated”

"your gender identity is ridiculous and you dont deserve to have it respected" is straight up bullshit and you should be called out on it

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Anonymous asked: Question and I feel a bit ashamed for even asking this or rather silly. But do you hate or rather feel suspicious of all white cis men? This coming form a POC cis man. No hate in this merely curiosity. I tend to be supportive of all people and groups, sure I don't fully understand their background (social struggles) or even always see the things which trigger different people. But it feels weird that even those from a rather cis male aspect are kind of attacked even when they support movements.

I don’t hate them, but I do feel wary of cis men in general, yes. Especially straight cis men (who I don’t know), and especially when I’m alone with them. It’s nothing personal and it’s not really an attack on you, it’s just a safety mechanism because you never really know how they’ll react to someone being transgender or queer. At worst, they react violently, so I’m wary of strange cis men until I know them a bit better.


Anonymous asked: this has nothing to do with recent asks about korra and whatnot, but i am curious on your opinion on the whole "LOL RT/AH IS TAKING OVER TEXT POSTS!!!" like [gavin screaming] and stuff. i feel its giving off a spn fandom vibe and let me tell you it's not pleasing. i love rt so much but some of the fandom is just

i think they can be quite funny to be honest! i mean i don’t want an RTapocalypse or whatever, but some of them are quite funny (the posts not the apocalypse lol). and i don’t see it often enough that it bothers me. also, it’s not really hurting anyone!

rooster teeth + geoff’s magnificent moustache

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"gays will push their sexuality onto their children"

funny because that’s exactly what every straight person does.

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tahalika asked: Little-Missandry is that fake feminism blog that said white people should cosplay PoC characters from the korra gif. They purposefully put offensive and hurtful shit on their blog to try and paint feminism as an evil strawman. So yeah avoid it if you don't want to sigh at how far Anti-SJers go to try and seem like saints

Ohhh, thank you. I was completely lost for a minute. Ugh, anti-sjs are the worst.


Anonymous asked: Know what, just delete my asks. I just went on their ask and realized Little-Misandry is a fake blog/troll. Whoops.

Yes, it sounds like they’re a troll blog, but the warning doesn’t hurt either way.


Anonymous asked: Sorry if I'm beating a head horse with this cosplay thing. I just wanted to bring up that Little-Misandry has stated that man can't be raped, that men holding doors for people means they want to fuck/and or rape someone, that Trans Woman shouldn't use the washroom they feel comfortable using among other problematic things

Same Anon that sent the Little-Misandry ask. I’m still going through their blog, and they stated that men deserve genital mutilation. So I’d advise most people to stay away from that blog, unless you’re of the same, problematic mindset as them. Me again. Little-Misandry has advised people they claim to be MRA’s (Because they disagree with their opinion, and that apparently makes you an MRA) to kill themselves, because they aren’t people, so therefor don’t apply to the ‘Don’t tell people to take their lives’ thing

I’m really confused as to what this is regarding, but as a general PSA I’d advise my followers to stay away from that blog?